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ENDORSEMENT: VADIM MOZYRSKY for Multnomah County Commission, District 1

RPC endorses VADIM MOZYRSKY for Multnomah County Commission because he's a leader with courage and common sense!. Vadim is an experienced attorney, an outspoken advocate, and a long-time neighborhood leader in Goose Hollow. But he's also been involved with RPC since day one! With Vadim, he doesn't have to reach out to the commercial real estate community, he is already here...engaging with our members and building coalitions to respond to the issus weighing down our economy and our livability.

As a downtown neighborhood resident, Vadim has lived the challenges of the last few years and yet, he shows up, again and again, to push for more common-sense solutions that will actually move the needle. As president of Goose Hollow, Vadim brings a no-nonsense, but well-informed approach to tough issues, like our fentanyl epidemic, crime, safety, livability, and homelessness. He has taken the time to understand the policy and budgetary implications of the choices made by the Multnomah County Commission.

We like that Vadim is not a lifelong politician nor is he a service provider in Multnomah County. He has a very strong plan to address outdoor unsanctioned homelessness and he will stand up to the status quo interests at the County. He will work well with the District Attoney to return the concept of consequences for crimes such as graffiti, smashed windows, vandalism, & blocking sidewalks & doorways.

What threaten’s Portland’s future? Increased drug activity and use, addiction, the proliferation of unsheltered homelessness, significant structural challenges for law enforcement, & dirty, unsightly streets. Understanding and addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining the vibrancy and attractiveness of our city center. It is hard to find anyone who has fought harder, or longer, than Vadim on these issues!

He's an active RPC member, even without being directly affiliated w/any of our member companies. He has shared his wisdom and experience on our Homelessness Committee and our Crime and Public Safety Committee.

Vadim was one of the strongest voices calling for accountability and transparency at Multnomah County. He stood alongside RPC & signed on to our open letter to County Chair Jessica Vega Pedersen calling for a forensic audit of Multnomah County's spending on homelessness AND some transparency around what contractor agencies DO with those funds.

Vote on May 21st! Multnomah County Commission District 1

There are five people vying for this seat during the May 21st Primary. If Vadim, can get over 50% of the vote on 5/21/24, he will become the next County Commissioner from District 1. If not, the general election in the Fall will determine the winner between the top two primary finishers.


So, on homelessness, what does RPC think we need?

RPC has long advocated that we need a SAVE Portland plan.  We believe all efforts should be laser-focused on reducing homelessness with a continuum of shelter and services. We should not be satisfied until no one lives in inhumane conditions on our streets.

S - Shelter beds, safe rest villages, and additional beds at the Oregon State Hospital in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of the entire homeless population;

A - Addiction treatment, mental health counseling, vocational training and all other services necessary to help the homeless;

V - Verification and tracking of individuals' progress using data-driven, "by name" list methodologies; and

E - Enforcement of applicable statutes and local codes as humanely as possible, using systems such as diversion programs and drug courts, with criminal prosecution as the last resort.

Want to join RPC members in taking action on these issues and more? Sign up here and we'll put you on our Action Team list.  

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