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Portland is one of the most beautiful cities in America with incredible vistas, rushing rivers, a dynamic food scene, and vibrant arts and culture.  Our "City of Roses" is one that should be at the top of the list for businesses, investments, and tourists alike; however, recent events have shed a negative light on the city.  Social unrest and lack of law enforcement has left many to question the safety and direction of our city.  We need leadership that is willing to make difficult decisions to get the city and county on the right track towards making the Portland area welcoming to all once again.


Our Plan:

  • Consistent outreach and communication to our elected leaders, letting them know the current conditions in the metro area are unacceptable 

  • Present data-driven solutions to our public leaders advocating for a safe city and robust economy

  • Collaborate with commercial real estate and downtown businesses, complementary organizations, and non-profits as a strong, unified voice of change

  • Continue to publish real solutions through our collaborative efforts and utilize our media streams to broadcast progress and results

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