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Portland declared a homeless crisis in 2015 and has since spent over $286 million through 2021 to tackle the issues.  The funds and approach have not produced enough tangible results to change the downtown image.  In fact, it has only gotten worse.  We think it is time to think big.  We think the crisis is solvable by taking bold steps and holding our elected leaders accountable for the funds and resources allocated towards this problem.  Our homeless population deserves the compassion and resources needed in order to make real change in our metro area.

Image by Josh Herrington

Our Plan:

  1. Gather information from other jurisdictions having success in reducing homelessness

  2. Provide shelter beds and services at multiple locations

  3. Provide funding for the most effective non-profits assisting the homeless

  4. Enforce existing vagrancy laws that ban camping in public places

  5. Repeal Measure 110 that decriminalized heroin and meth possession

  6. Establish a crisis center for homeless people exhibiting behavioral problems

  7. Establish a substance abuse court modeled after Beaverton’s B-SOBR program

  8. Establish a long-term care facility for the mentally ill

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We believe the homeless crisis is solvable if we all work together.  People experiencing homelessness and the surrounding community need all of the resources available to provide the level of care and concern we deserve.  

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