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  Crime & Safety  

We believe everyone has a right to feel safe in our great city.

In order to have a safe and functional city, we need to understand the elements and causes of crime in downtown Portland.  Crime leads to avoidance of downtown, which in turn leads to more crime.


Our goal is to create a vibrant city for all through the collaboration of businesses, landlords, city leaders and first responders to address these issues. 

Image by Kenny Eliason

Our Plan

  1. Rebuild Portland Police force staffing levels via walking details funded by the private and public sector.

  2. Encourage police and community restorative justice by aligning with organizations who are working to reform the police sector.

  3. Encourage landlords and property owners to participate in the City's Graffiti Removal Program. Increase signed waivers to 60%.

  4. Facilitate and encourage landlords and property owners to participate in Prosper Portland's storefront replacement program. Decrease boarded storefronts by 25%.

  5. Repeal Measure 110 that Legalized Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine.

  6. Enforce Portland's Vagrancy Ordinance by Directing the Homeless to Shelters.

Our goal is to create a vibrant city for all through collaboration.



Civil Compromise

​RPC’s Civil Compromise proposal continues to gain momentum. As a result of our Crime and Safety committee's persistent efforts, what began as a targeted initiative to address low-level misdemeanors has evolved into a priority program for RPC.

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Quality of Life Issues - How to Report

​​On June 7th, RPC hosted an information session on reporting problem issues to the City of Portland. The update featured speakers from the Mayor's Office and the Public Environment Management Office (PEMO) and they want to encourage property owners, neighbors, and residents to report non-urgent quality of life issues.

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"Onward: the Future of Crime & Safety in our Region"

RPC, NAIOP, KOIN News host crime and safety public forum with elected leaders, March 5, 2024.


Watch the Recorded Forum Here

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