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Report Quality of Life Issues - an Update

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

On June 7th, RPC hosted an information session on reporting problem issues to the City of Portland. The update featured speakers from the Mayor's Office and the Public Environment Management Office (PEMO) and they want to encourage property owners, neighbors, and residents to report non-urgent quality of life issues. You can see the video of the session here.

Report these issues:

  • graffiti

  • property damage

  • broken windows

  • vandalism

  • unauthorized camping

  • and debris and trash.

Two Options for reporting:

  1. You can report to RPC via this Google Sheet and we will report your issues to the city. We will follow up and monitor trends with where things are getting better or worse.

  2. You can self-report. Here's how:

Camping, Trash and Abandoned Vehicles

To track camp reports made to PDX Reporter: Impact Reduction Program Data Dashboard

Dumped Garbage

Report Graffiti

The online report takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You must upload a picture.

Additional Resources:

Free Graffiti Removal Kit

The kit includes cleaning solvent, gloves, safety glasses, cleaning rag, small nylon scraper, small bucket and a link to an instructional video. To request your kit, email

Graffiti Removal Assistance

1. Submit a graffiti report.

2. Complete the “graffiti removal service agreement” waiver and email to

Generally, the following entities qualify for assistance:

  • Anyone impacted by hate graffiti and most gang graffiti.

  • Small businesses with 1-10 employees (cannot be a corporate franchise).

  • Any single-family home, condo or apartment building with 1-10 units.

  • Nonprofit organizations (excludes those with more than 100 employees).

RPC participates in the City of Portland's regular Downtown Problem Solvers meeting which is "a collaborative team to expedite the cleaning of unsafe and unsanitary conditions across the public realm, and to establish preventative and stabilizing measures to the further activate public spaces."

If you have any questions, please reach out to RPC will work with the city to keep this information updated.

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