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Sign Our Open Letter to Multnomah County on Homelessness Spending

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

“Without leadership, a sound strategy and commitment to outcomes, we will be stuck in the same housing emergency” for years to come.

- The Oregonian

Homelessness is the number one issue facing our region. The RPC Board of Directors continues to push for accountability of our elected officials at the City and County level. The board wrote an open letter to Chair Jessica Vega Pedersen and over 150 people have signed on. The letter with community signatures has been delivered to the Chair and the County Commission. You can read the full letter below and we will continue to accept signatures for the letter. You can sign on here. This strong response demonstrates how broadly the community supports these steps

RPC is calling for a programmatic audit on the County’s expenditures and demand the County use of a by-name list approach to improve and track homeless services. We deserve to know where our tax dollars are going, and how we can help revitalize the City we love.

We encourage both individuals and organizations/companies to sign...

Read or download the letter:

Download PDF • 312KB

For further background:


So, what does RPC think we need?

RPC has long advocated that we need a SAVE Portland plan. We believe all efforts should be laser-focused on reducing homelessness with a continuum of shelter and services. We should not be satisfied until no one lives in inhumane conditions on our streets.

S - Shelter beds, safe rest villages, and additional beds at the Oregon State Hospital in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of the entire homeless population; A - Addiction treatment, mental health counseling, vocational training and all other services necessary to help the homeless; V - Verification and tracking of individuals' progress using data-driven, "by name" list methodologies; and E - Enforcement of applicable statutes and local codes as humanely as possible, using systems such as diversion programs and drug courts, with criminal prosecution as the last resort.

Want to join RPC members in taking action on these issues and more? Sign up here and we'll put you on our Action Team list.

Once you sign up, we'll follow up with you on how to get more involved: sending messages, submitting testimony, & showing up in person at meetings. There's a job for everyone who wants to help!

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