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UPDATE: Portlanders from All Walks of Life Support Common Sense on Homelessness

We are seeing great response to our call for accountability on homelessness spending and supporting groups like Helping Hands at Bybee Lakes. Below are just a few of the messages our members and allies have sent to the Commission.

We can't afford to lose Bybee Lakes and Helping Hands' trauma-informed, data-driven, person-centered homelessness services. They are fighting to stay open and have asked Multnomah County to provide funding for their programs.

Also, this week, a scathing audit report was released by the Multnomah County Auditor Jennifer McGuirk. The report describes the process as "confusing and chaotic" and uncovers just how little data the county collects on its own funding to homeless service providers.

“It would be great to see if we could see what what were a series of services someone received that got them housed and they stayed housed,” McGuirk told OPB. “Data really has the powerful ability to, to tell us what works — and what doesn’t.” We agree.


Check out these messages that folks have sent to the Multnomah County Commission:

RPC's testimony to the Multnomah County Commission:

RPC.testimony.8.24Multnomah County Commission
Download PDF • 217KB

Goose Hollow Foothills League Testimony - August 24, 2023

GHFL - Support - Bybee Lakes funding
Download PDF • 148KB

RPC Member Bob Grover's message - August 24, 2023

grover testimony
Download PDF • 115KB

RPC Member Adam Turco - August 19, 2023

Download PDF • 98KB

Local Small Business Owner Steve Herring- August 24, 2023

Download PDF • 124KB

Behavioral Health Task Force Chair Richard Perkins- August 24, 2023

Perkins Oral and Written Testimony
Download PDF • 112KB

Want to join RPC members in taking action on these issues and more? Sign up here and we'll put you on our Action Team list.

Once you sign up, we'll follow up with you on how to get more involved: sending messages, submitting testimony, & showing up in person at meetings. There's a job for everyone who wants to help!

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