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Unpacking the Findings: A Closer Look at Our Report to the Governor's Task Force

“A positive, safe and vibrant place to enjoy work, business, culture, shopping and food experiences.” - RPC member's comment

RPC held a "Listening Session" during our October Monthly RPC Meeting for the Governor's Central City Task Force. The topic was “downtown’s value proposition in terms of economic activity and mix – what tools and incentives are needed?” Thanks to the over 60 members who joined and participated. We were pleased with the turnout and the level of participation by our CRE community!

Leaders should get the basics done public safety and accountability, our participant said. This statement summed it up well: “We will lease it if they clean it up and make it safe! Retail having to lock up every little thing because of the theft isn't going to help bring back retail.

A summary of the action items and recommendations (presented to the Task Force) is here:

You can view the video of the meeting here:

The Portland Central City Task Force will release their recommendations on December 11th at the Oregon Business Plan 2023 Leadership Summit. You can register and find more details on the Oregon Business Plan webpage.

Background on the Governor's Central City Task Force can be found on their website and here:

Background information on RPC and our Committees can be found here:

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