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Tell the City & County: Don't GO BACKWARDS on tent camping & hard drugs

Proposed "Action Plan" Includes Tents & Tarps AGAIN


The Multnomah County Commission has GONE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION by voting to spend $250,000 to give out tents & tarps. Commissioner Sharon Meieran gave our members the inside scoop on this mess on can see that here.


Encampments are unhealthy, dangerous, and unsafe for those experiencing homelessness. Now, the City of Portland, who has to clean up encampment messes, now has a chance to say NO to this policy when they vote soon on the so-called "Homelessness Response Action Plan".


  • Tell the Council to vote no or to send the plan back to the County!

  • That we need to bring people INDOORS, not help them stay outside.

  • Tell them unmitigated tent camping is a HUGE factor in Portland's struggles & providing tents & tarps defeats our recent gains around liveability and economic development.  

But wait...there's more!


Remember when state lawmakers overhauled Measure 110 with the intent of reducing open drug usage & encouraging treatment and recovery? Yeah, we do too. Multnomah County must not have gotten the memo.

Turns out, with their new "deflection program" they appear to be taking steps to WEAKEN the bill. Their plan will NOT require treatment or recovery participation and will allow those caught with hard drugs to opt to go to a "drop-off center" instead of arrest. And unlike our neighboring counties, they can come back again and many times as they are arrested. Adding up to be a "deflection disaster".


  • Tell the County Commission to intervene and make this program MORE effective by including more structure and requirements for treatment.

  • Tell them to consider alternatives to arrest like our civil compromise proposal.

  • Tell them to make engagement in such a program mandatory and to limit the number of times a person can opt for deflection.

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