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Report Downtown Graffiti Today!

A major step we can ALL take to help revitalize Portland is to take action on unwanted graffiti! Revitalize Portland Coalition is consistently advocating for a greater response from local government on this issue and they are listening. So, RPC is asking all our members to take these 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a minute and fill out this form to sign up for the the Graffiti Removal Assistance Program with the City of Portland. to sign up, just fill out this agreement form. *See below for details and the city's description of their assistance.

  2. Use this link to report all other graffiti you see - that's not on your property.

  3. Please also copy/forward your reports or communications to Revitalize Portland Coalition

*The city’s description of their program: The Graffiti Program offers no-cost or reduced-cost graffiti removal assistance to residents, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations who meet eligibility criteria.

Our removal assistance includes painting and/or power washing surfaces. We cannot provide help with acid-etched glass or graffiti on vehicles.

Who Qualifies?

  • Anyone impacted by hate graffiti and most gang graffiti.

  • Small businesses with 1-10 employees (cannot be a corporate franchise).

  • Any single-family home, condo or apartment buildings with 1-10 units.

  • Nonprofit organizations; excluding nonprofit organizations with more than 100 employees.

How to Request Our Services

If you qualify, please complete this agreement (link:

Once completed, please return it to or mail it to our office.

Our normal response time is within 3-5 days after we receive your form however the City of Portland is currently experiencing a high volume of requests for graffiti removal and as a result of this high demand, our response time may be delayed. Thank you for your patience.

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