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Significant Vote on Camping Code - May 31st

On Wednesday, May 31st, at 2:30 PM the Portland City Council will vote on an emergency ordinance intended to curtail unsheltered homelessness and dangerous public camping in Portland.

Willamette Week, 5/26/23

The bill will bar camping, after several written warnings, in key places like parks, around schools, daycares and public places. It further protects access for all Portlanders (particularly those with disabilities) to safely utilize sidewalks, crosswalks, business entrances, and residential doorways. The bill also includes a new hotline for services and additional funds for cleaning up our neighborhoods.

RPC is urging our members to contact City Council or to testify.

Submit written testimony (please select agenda item 451):

Sign up to testify:

You must sign up ahead of time to testify. The sooner you sign up, the earlier you will be on the list. You can do so in person or remotely.

The City Council needs to hear from all voices on this topic - particularly from neighborhood residents, property owners, small business owners, and business leaders. We hope you will take a moment to contact them today.

Full details on our Legislative Update Page.

More details:

Council Agenda: (AFTERNOON session)

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