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ACTION NEEDED TODAY: Public Camping Ban, Portland City Council

Today, the Portland City Council will vote, again, on policy to address public camping in Portland. They need to hear from you that we support the measured & practical camping ban proposed by Mayor Wheeler (Item #339 on today's agenda).


Tell the Council that unmitigated tent camping is a HUGE factor in Portland's struggles around liveability and economic development. You can find encampments in every part of the city, usually causing multiple problems in neighborhoods. Tragically, encampments are also unhealthy, dangerous, and unsafe for those experiencing homelessness.


The bill will be heard this afternoon at 4pm so we URGENTLY ask you to contact the Mayor and City Council! 

Tell the Council we expect them to pass Item 339 that will: 

  • Ban camping in public places

  • Ensure the policy is legally enforceable

  • Include consequences for violating the ban


Remind them, that you stand with Revitalize Portland as we continue to urge the City and the County...

  • To fund more treatment options & sobering facilities

  • To fund more shelter/treatment programs like City Team, Bybee Lakes, & Blanchet House

  • To target their outreach team activities to encampment causing the most negative impacts. 

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