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Revive & Thrive: Nathan Vasquez Shares His Vision for the Future in Pre-Election Interview

Episode 1 of new podcast focused on how important the Multnomah County District Attorney is to our renaissance

NAIOP Oregon & Revitalize Portland have both endorsed Nathan Vasquez for District Attorney for Multnomah County! The primary election is Tuesday, May 21st. Visit to support Nathan and don't forget to vote!

Hosted by RPC Boardmember Michael Hironimus, the first episode features a Q&A with Nathan Vasquez, candidate for Multnomah County District Attorney. The interview was recorded live at Fortune bar with an audience of RPC and NAIOP Oregon members at Fortune bar in the heart of downtown Portland. You can watch the video of the full podcast & interview.

As professionals deeply dedicated to taking a stand for Portland, we are excited to announce the release of the first episode of our new podcast, "Revive & Thrive: The PDX Renaissance Podcast."As part of our efforts to build a community dedicated to improving our city, we think the podcast format will be useful and informative for our members.

This podcast aims to shed light on pressing issues and delve into complexities related to issues like economic development, public safety, homelessness, and explore ways to better the public image of our city. By initiating conversations, sharing insights, and suggesting practical solutions, we strive to foster a more informed and proactive approach to these critical topics.

"Revive & Thrive: the PDX Renaissance Podcast" is a forum where leaders, from all sectors, can share their ideas & solutions for tackling the issues we face as a community. We know it will take ALL of us to build safer, more inclusive communities for all.

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes of "Revive & Thrive."

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