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How Will Portland's 2024 Elections Shape the Future of Economic Development?

RPC provides opportunities to engage City, County, and State candidates: Next Meet & Greet is April 17th

We, as a coalition, consistently advocate, testify, work with our elected officials, and collaborate with stakeholders all across Portland.

2024 is a pivotal year for the city of Portland and our region. Throughout it, the Coalition is engaging with candidates for local, county, and state offices.

We all recognize the importance of leadership, or lack thereof, and elections are our chance to change the status quo and reset our city’s trajectory. We are starting to see some improvements, but we all know we have much more work to do....and we are determined to get it done!

Throughout 2024, RPC will be getting more engaged and helping our members interact directly with the candidates, as we did yesterday with our first roundtable of leaders & candidates. Our next Happy Hour & "meet and greet" will be on April 17th, 5pm, also at Jordan Ramis in the PACWEST center.

Jordan Ramis hosted a candidate meet and greet Wednesday, March 20, which was attended by over 35 people in the Downtown Portland business and real estate communities. Nathan Vasquez, candidate for Multnomah County District Attorney, and Multnomah County Commission candidates Jessie Burke (Jessie B.) (Dist. 2) and Vadim Mozyrsky (Dist. 1) shared their thoughts on how to address the challenges facing Downtown.

An entirely new governental system takes effect at the end of this year. This November, we will elect a new Mayor and 12 City Councilmembers (by 4 geographic districts),via ranked-choice voting. While that's a mouthful, the bottom line is that these elections will select the people to fill new leadership roles (like a City Manager), manage your taxes, address our city's problems, and (hopefully) coordinate and cooperate with county and regional governments.

The election for Multnomah County District Attorney features two canddiates - the incumbent, Mike Schmidt & a challenger, Nathan Vasquez, who is a Senior Deputy D.A. currently. The May 21st Primary will serve as the general election if one of the candidates recieves over 50% of the vote.

On the Commission, 4 of the 5 seats (Districts 1, 2, 3, & 4) are up for election in 2024. The County Chair, Jessica Vega Pederson, is not up for reelection until 2026. County voters get their first chance to vote in the May 21st Primary. If any candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, they will be elected that day. If no candidates receive 50%, the top TWO vote getters will face off at the General Election on Nov. 5th, 2024. Incumbent D3 Commissioner Julia Brim-Edwards is running for reelection and the D2 seat is a special election to fill an unexpired term.

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