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A Top-Tier Destination Portland!

Danya Feltzin, spreads the love for Portland every day. Here he shares the numerous amenities coming to Portland over the next year, in the form of an ideal weekend. A good reminder...and maybe a great plan for a staycation or your next visit from relatives!

Dear Fellow Portlanders,

Our beloved city of Portland has faced its share of challenges during the pandemic, but let's remember that the entire world has weathered these difficult times together. Despite the hurdles, our city remains a truly remarkable place, blessed with some of the most exceptional natural beauty in the world. Portland itself stands as a shining example of a top-tier city, and it's our collective responsibility as its citizens to become Brand Ambassadors for our beloved city and the surrounding region.

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Danya Feltzin is an EVP with SolTerra (Cascada Hotel and Spa)

In the coming year, we have an unprecedented opportunity to showcase Portland in ways we've never done before. The heart of our city will soon welcome the stunning Ritz-Carlton , a testament to the luxury and allure that define our urban landscape. In the Central East Side, the prestigious SOHO House is preparing to open its first Pacific Northwest location, adding to the vibrant cultural tapestry of our city. Furthermore, SolTerra is set to unveil a game-changing boutique hotel, CASCADA with one of the finest spas on the entire West Coast, boasting a sprawling 35,000 square-foot wellness center.

Our food and beverage scene continues to shine, consistently rivalling the best in the world. This has been recently exemplified by the acclaim garnered by America's Best New Restaurant, Kann, created by the talented Gregory Gourdet. I challenge every resident of the Portland metro area to curate their ideal weekend in Portland and extend an invitation to friends or family to experience it. Share your experiences on social media to counter the narratives perpetuated by the media and show the world the true spirit of our city.

Let's not forget that our award-winning PDX airport will unveil its new main terminal in May 2024, marking the culmination of an extraordinary $2 billion renovation project.

Imagine a top-tier weekend in PDX circa 2024:


  • Arrive via the new PDX terminal in the afternoon

  • Check in at the Ritz-Carlton

  • Enjoy a delectable dinner at OX

  • Attend a captivating show at the Schnitz

  • Savor a nightcap at the Pink Rabbit


  • Begin your day with breakfast at Flattop & Salamander

  • Follow it up with a workout and a light brunch at Soho House

  • Embark on an afternoon wine country tour

  • Early dinner at the acclaimed Kann

  • Catch a Timbers game at Providence Park, a Blazers game at MODA, or some live music at the Crystal Ballroom

  • Conclude the evening with a nightcap at Scotch Lodge


  • Kickstart your day with an early morning hike in Forest Park or along the waterfront

  • Enjoy a spa session, soak, and exquisite cuisine at Cascada

  • Savor a late brunch at Jojo before heading to the airport

Options: Please customize your experience with a trip to the coast, a visit to Multnomah Falls or any of the countless other nearby waterfalls, or perhaps a journey up to our majestic Mt. Hood. Exchange any of the dining options for the myriad other fantastic eateries throughout the city. This is your adventure to design, to make your own, and to share with the world.

It is our collective duty to restore our city to the world-class destination it truly is. Let's spread the love for Portland far and wide, showcasing our resilient spirit and the countless wonders our city has to offer.

With boundless local love, Danya Feltzin

Danya is an EVP for Solterra properties. Solterra creates beautiful buildings to reconnect people to nature, create urban community and make a positive impact on the earth.

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