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Not to be Missed: RPC's Evan Bernstein's "Love Note" to Portland

You won't regret taking 2 1/2 minutes to watch this video!

Get re-inspired about the Portland you know and love with our very own Evan Bernstein who spends a ton of time and effort boosting Portland's public image. Evan is an RPC founder, board member, and leads our Public Image subcommittee. Evan is an enthusiastic and tireless advocate for all of's his love note to the city:

"It's all about the people...we live in a very kind place in the Pacific Northwest.

We have wonderful people. We're creative, we're smart, we're compassionate know we are strong. And its gonna take that strength to come back."

- Evan Bernstein

Named a 2023 “Executive of the Year” by the Portland Business Journal, Evan is a partner at Pacific NW Properties and represents NAIOP Oregon on our board and chairs our RPC Public Image Subcommittee with enthusiasm and focus. Under Evan’s leadership as President in 2022, NAIOP Oregon was honored with the two biggest awards in North America: “Chapter of the Year,” as well as “National President of the Year.”

Love Notes to Portland is an uplifting series put together to relaunch the Portland Metro Chamber. Formerly, the Portland Business Alliance, the Chamber is a strong partner who do so much to enhance the public image of our great city. For timely updates on the the Chamber, events, and the Central City check out their News & Resources.

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