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Revitalize Portland Coalition

A real estate collective creating a better City

to live and work.

Mission Statement:

Revitalizing the Portland-metro region as a welcoming and vibrant community for residents, visitors, and businesses by supporting public policies and collaborative efforts to address the challenges of public safety, homelessness, livability, and economic vitality.

Our focus is to engage with elected officials and policy makers, as well as, the commercial real estate community, media and the general public on the following four main issues:

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Thousands of our neighbors in the Portland area are suffering from homelessness, and the current “Housing First” model is both expensive and ineffective. The Coalition has developed a comprehensive eight-step plan for reducing homelessness in the Portland metropolitan area by tackling the underlying causes.


Crime & Safety

Property crime and automobile theft are growing problems in Portland that are diminishing our quality of life and deterring investment in our community. We advocate rebuilding our police force, enforcing our laws against property crime, and reducing the sale and abuse of hard drugs in our community.


Economy & Housing

The Portland region suffers from a chronic lack of housing production, that is increasing the cost of living and diminishing the economic opportunities in our region. We have developed a plan to reform regulations, to ensure best practices, and reduce housing costs.  This plan will increase housing affordability and return the vital economy that has always allowed our city to thrive.

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Public Image

Between homelessness, crime, social unrest, and governmental dysfunction, Portland has experienced a serious image problem that has significant consequences to business and housing investment.  We believe our city is beautiful and should be welcoming to those who live, work, and visit.  Our plan includes outreach to elected officials and policy makers to address these issues and present solutions for real change.

Focus of Influence

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